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Terry Pratchett: Carpe Jugulum

Following the idea of ​​enlightenment and openness to a variety of cultures and races, King of Lancre decides to invite the Magpyres, a family of vampires, to his castle to join the celebration of his daughter’s birth.

However, drinking wine, eating garlic, and fearing no light vampires no longer intend to leave this castle, wreaking havoc and endangering everyone and everything.

Only a nervous priest and three very peculiar witches can avert a certain misfortune and save the country from being taken over by bloodthirsty beings who dress in rather bizarre ways – by Lancran standards.

Carpe Jugulum, as vampires say. Seize the Throat.

Carpe Jugulum is the 23rd novel of Discworld, a series by the acclaimed author Terry Pratchett. It is a perfect satire on all kinds of vampires, and as usual, Terry introduces us to the world of irony and humorous philosophy, using his sharp wit and brilliant writing talent. For every lover of humor and vampires – a must-have.