Brat Prince

My poetry for Lestat from Vampire Chronicles.

a prince, pariah, a child of immortality

a descendant of fire, a wolf skin on his shoulders

he shines through the pages of his own history

bloody tracks mark his path

when you look into his eyes, you will see a rebel

who stands at the crossroads

between the moon and the darkness

and cries “I was here!”

a prince, pariah, a child of crimson tides

savage garden calls him to immerse himself in it

to take handfuls from it, wallowing in colors

drink from the lakes of pleasure

bath in the streams of beauty

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The Doll

My poem dedicated to Claudia from Vampire Chronicles.

beautiful child, when you lost your blinding innocence?
the doll speaks about freedom, the lips touch my neck
the tiny face in the grave veil, the eyes looking at the dirty world
when was the last time when you heard the sound of a piano?

innocence died with the dark gift
the woman who would never be
always a step too late
always a step too far

tears run down the porcelain skin
traces of suffering in the soul, among silks and satin
in the midst of blood and the sound of a violin

give her the gown, give her a dagger
as she sinks the poison into the veins
with a twisted smile
sun, burn me, as I confess my sins

Terry Pratchett: Carpe Jugulum

Following the idea of ​​enlightenment and openness to a variety of cultures and races, King of Lancre decides to invite the Magpyres, a family of vampires, to his castle to join the celebration of his daughter’s birth.

However, drinking wine, eating garlic, and fearing no light vampires no longer intend to leave this castle, wreaking havoc and endangering everyone and everything.

Only a nervous priest and three very peculiar witches can avert a certain misfortune and save the country from being taken over by bloodthirsty beings who dress in rather bizarre ways – by Lancran standards.

Carpe Jugulum, as vampires say. Seize the Throat.

Carpe Jugulum is the 23rd novel of Discworld, a series by the acclaimed author Terry Pratchett. It is a perfect satire on all kinds of vampires, and as usual, Terry introduces us to the world of irony and humorous philosophy, using his sharp wit and brilliant writing talent. For every lover of humor and vampires – a must-have.

Alnwick Vampire


Northumberland is known from many beautiful castles. One of them is Alnwick, a home of Percy Family including current Duke of Northumberland.

The tale of Alnwick vampire is very old, coming from times, when term “vampire” was not yet used. The undead revenant was a wicked man, who suspecting his wife of cheating on him, set a trap on her. Catching her on fornication, he was struck – possibly by heart attack. The man with whom the wife cheated ran and the husband wanted to punish the unfaitfhul, but his injuries were too serious. A priest came and asked him of confession, but the man refused. When he died, priest gave him a proper burial, but soon, the apparition started to visit the houses of people, causing foul stench wherever it went.

Later, the air was filled with plague, which people of Alnwick believed to be caused by the revenant, who’s corpse was sucking blood from townsmen.

As people started to leave the town, two bold men decided to take case in their own hands and went with spades to remove the danger and the cause of the plague. They opened his grave, to find swollen body, filled with fresh blood. They dragged the corpse from grave and burned it to ashes. That seemed to help – plague stopped spreading and no one ever visited townsmen at night.

Alnwick nowadays

The castle located in England, in the city of Alnwick (Northumberland). It’s a winter residence of the Dukes of Northumberland of the Percy family. From spring to late autumn, it is one of the main tourist attractions in the region. The castle has a richly equipped library and a collection of paintings depicting characters from many different families. In the area adjacent to the castle there are gardens with numerous fountains. In the garden there is a tree house with a restaurant. Knight fights, concerts and other attractions are organized in the castle. Alnwick Castle was the film set of several films, incl. all parts of Harry Potter.

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Lady Amphilada Part 1.1

My funny (not say ridiculous) take on vampires :> I hope you enjoy this silly tale as I write it.

Aliae clasped her legs on the sides of a resistant horse. The horse stood like a stone, snorting from time to time and throwing his head from side to side, as if he was mocking the girl. A mean beast. Actually, it was not her horse. But the fact that she had just stolen him from the mayor’s stable, had nothing to do with it. The thing was, horses didn’t like holding vampires on their backs.

Change into a bat and fly by yourself! Aliae heard something in her head that was the horse’s simplified thoughts. Abstraction of animal thoughts was available for every vampire, and certainly for as old as Aliae.

“Does everyone still think that vampires change into bats?” the girl groaned. “I thought that these superstitions died together with the entry of the law on equality of races!”

I am a horse. I do not deal with politics.

“Political subversive,” Aliae hissed. “You will see, Emperor Madduma will do with you what he did with his horse, he will make you vote in the small council.”

The horse snorted, turned the rump, threw himself violently, and Aliae landed on the ground.

“Okay,” she said, approaching her horse. “We will do it this way, you will take me to Amphilada, and I will take you to my residence, where honey and food flow.”

The horse thought a little, finally nodded almost imperceptibly. The vampire jumped quickly onto his back, tensed her legs on horse’s sides again, and the mean beast galloped.

Just in time, because the mayor’s people were close, you could already see the jaws of the forks and the torchlight.

“Run, horse, run!” Aliae laughed cheerfully. She always loved horse riding, and the horse’s reluctance to do it didn’t bother her. Especially that the animals didn’t react on vampires charm, so she has no word to say in that.
Sit and do not talk, the horse seemed to think.

“Boring animal,” said the vampire, her long black silky hair floated around her face.

The bunch who chased her, was very close. Her horse was definitely too slow, and the armed ones had mounts that were suitable for chases. Probably the horses were often stolen from the mayor.

The vampire was pushing the horse as fast as she could, entering his mind to show him her hopeless situation, but it did n’t help. Her horse was weak and slow.

When Aliae knew she would not escape them, she stopped the horse, who at once started laughing in her head, and jumped off the back of the animal, standing between the trees in a challenging pose. Even if they capture ner, they will not catch her begging for mercy.

The armed men also stopped, some of them had wary pegs attached to their belt, and each left hand which one should always hammer in the peg into the heart of the vampure, fluttered around the weapon.

“I am just passing by” smiled Aliae, exposing her long, sharp fangs, entirely.

“Yes, vampire, and the horse is also passing through,” the captain of the guard said firmly. He didn’t have a sword. Everyone knew that vampires can be killed only by peg, sun and beheading.

“Possibly, I do not know him, it’s a one-night date.”

“You are a felony and I am on the verge of whether you are a pook, an elf or a vampire. You will go to court, voluntarily or under duress.”

“Well, and the date promised to be so charming.”

“Date?” the captain’s eyes blinked slightly.

“With a horse. It’s a starry night, do you hear the wind between the branches?… you can join in and we can spend a nice time together, of course, at dawn you’ll be unconscious, and I will be in the Eternal Night zone.”

“Take her already, because I cannot listen to these stupid things anymore,” the captain hissed. “If the mayor is kind, we will only tear off your fangs. If not …”

Aliae put her hand in a place where her two hearts were beating.

“With joy, I will pass through all the torment forsuch a wonderful persona, as the mayor of think hole in the ground called city”.

“Take her. Take her and bind her, already!”

The guards seized Aliae by the shoulders and hands, fixing them and putting on the tethers.

“But you will not give me onion soup in jail, right? I hate onion.”

“No,” the captain grinned. “There will be only garlic.”


We all seem to know what vampire is. It’s a blood-drinking crature of the night, with high magneticism, luring its victims to its lair or attacking them directly. They are children of the darkness so sun kills them, they sleep in their coffin at day and emerge to prowl after sunset. They may be afraid of garlic, holy water or crucifix. Basically another evil doer taken from old legends, a demon from films and scary stories.

But really, vampires are hiding a lot more secrets than it’s shown.

The first vampires appeared in the ancient times, where legends about bloodsuckers terrorized people from Egypt to Greece. But true golden age of the vampires turned to be middle ages. The term “vampire” didn’t exist yet but people in Europe were considering them a plague – it was also very easy to become one.

One of the first european vampires could be person that happened to be: not baptised, cheater on their spouse, be a deptor, or mean/cruel person, have some kind of sickness and die from it; also lunatics, thieves, suiciders… there were many options to enjoy the life after death. To prevent attacks, people were decaptating the corpses and placing their heads in the legs of the body. Sometimes they were placing sharp objects under chin of the body, so the vampire, raising from the grave, would cut its head by himself. Also, drowning body in puddle, putting a stone on the grave or buring on the crossroads was a common practice.

One knows for sure, vampires, even if not named as such, were “existing” in lifes of common people for many ages, until they became a topic of the most popular vampire novel, a gothic masterpiece “Dracula”.

Bram Stoker’s book loosely based on the story of Vlad the Impaler, the famous from cruelty ruler of Transylvania. Vlad became a father of the arosticratic vampire image, breaking from the vision of corpses raising from the fresh grave, a monster, still, but without monster features. That also gave birth to common concept of seductive demons, who tempt their victims and suck their blood from their naked necks, hypnotizing them with vampiric charm.

The vampires eventually became a food for heated imagination of humankind. From Anne Rice – who showed vampires as sophisticated gentlemens who observe passing of centuries, to Stephenie Meyer, who wrote about teenage love between vampire and mortal – the books, films, games: vampires seem to be everywhere, in many forms and kinds. People like to fantasize and vampires, which bloomed from Bram Stoker’s vision, are tempting example of perfect villains, who you love to hate or simply love.

Welcome, vampires!

Hello all vampires, hunters and mortals 🙂

Here, in blood and darkness, appears a new vampiric blog. Everything that you wanted to know about vampires, their history, myths, pop culture appereance, even biographies of fictional bloodsuckers.

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