Alnwick Vampire


Northumberland is known from many beautiful castles. One of them is Alnwick, a home of Percy Family including current Duke of Northumberland.

The tale of Alnwick vampire is very old, coming from times, when term “vampire” was not yet used. The undead revenant was a wicked man, who suspecting his wife of cheating on him, set a trap on her. Catching her on fornication, he was struck – possibly by heart attack. The man with whom the wife cheated ran and the husband wanted to punish the unfaitfhul, but his injuries were too serious. A priest came and asked him of confession, but the man refused. When he died, priest gave him a proper burial, but soon, the apparition started to visit the houses of people, causing foul stench wherever it went.

Later, the air was filled with plague, which people of Alnwick believed to be caused by the revenant, who’s corpse was sucking blood from townsmen.

As people started to leave the town, two bold men decided to take case in their own hands and went with spades to remove the danger and the cause of the plague. They opened his grave, to find swollen body, filled with fresh blood. They dragged the corpse from grave and burned it to ashes. That seemed to help – plague stopped spreading and no one ever visited townsmen at night.

Alnwick nowadays

The castle located in England, in the city of Alnwick (Northumberland). It’s a winter residence of the Dukes of Northumberland of the Percy family. From spring to late autumn, it is one of the main tourist attractions in the region. The castle has a richly equipped library and a collection of paintings depicting characters from many different families. In the area adjacent to the castle there are gardens with numerous fountains. In the garden there is a tree house with a restaurant. Knight fights, concerts and other attractions are organized in the castle. Alnwick Castle was the film set of several films, incl. all parts of Harry Potter.